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See GN’s Cuttings Machine drying Equipment at 2016
See GN’s Cuttings Machine drying Equipment at 2016

MIOGE is among the largest oil industry exhibits in the world. As a manufacturer associated with drilling fluids recycling equipment, GN Solids Control offers attended this show 5 fold in the past five years. The ussr, acting as a main necessary oil exporting countries, requires a great deal of drilling equipment to ensure the continually oil producing, though the acrylic market is still unpredictable.
This is GN’s booth this year from MIOGE for business negotiation and discover more on our equipment. Make sure you keep below information planned and you will find GN less difficult at MIOGE.

Booth Number: Pavilion-2, Hall-5, C forty five
Show Time: April 18-21, 2016
Show Location: EXPOCENTER, Moscow, Russia
To make an arrangement, please send email to be able to sales@gnsolidscontrol. com

This season, visitors to GN’s booth can see main waste cuttings drying equipment as down below:
1 . Vertical Cuttings Dryer GNCD930D, max. speed up in order to 1200 RPM with Gary the gadget guy force of 750. Specifically used for oil cuttings management. This unit could will help OOC down to 5%. Along with air knife design, that unit could clear the particular screen during running from the equipment. This design make certain a longtime continuously doing work.

decanter centrifuge
2 . Waste Decanter centrifuge GNLW363C with designed greatest extent. speed up to 3900RPM might be ordered as fixed rate or VFD model. GN C version centrifuge followed the design to adjust the nourishing from big end in order to small end of the dish. This upgrade greatly greater the capacity of the unit.
three or more. Mud Clear unit GNZJ594E-3S16N with capacity of 1500GPM. Full PU material with the cyclone ensures a long life span. Under located 4-panel shale shakers could be used because high G force machine drying shaker for water structured waste cuttings. GN’s shaker is with patented shaker screen panel sealing technology for a great deal better leaking proof performance.

It can be too urgent to make a deeply communication during the show. For just about any visitors who want learn more upon GN Solids Control, many of us do have Moscow office offered, here more information would be discussed like GN’s project collection. So far, many big weapons in oil industry have ordered from GN just like Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Cover etc .

Below our Moscow office contact for reference point:
Location: Г. Москва, Радонежского Сергия Ул. д. only two
Phone: +7-8(925)304 25 75 +7- 8(968)950 31 forty nine
E-mail: sales@gnsolidscontrol. com