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Pre-installed Shaker in Framework
Pre-installed Shaker in Framework

Almost all persons who ever been the drilling site will know that this solids control equipment such as shale shakers are located along with the mud tank. The actual shakers are fixed straight by bolts onto the actual mud tank top, if you would like disassemble the system, you will need loose the bolt as well as take off all the shakers models one by one which will cost long.
GN Solids Control available several drilling mud systems where the primary solids control gear are pre-installed on a platform, and then the framework entire package is put on the actual mud tank top. Exactly like below picture shows two unit GN’s double levels shale shakers in set up in a 20 ft textbox size framework, under the shaker base and on the framework skid, there are opening via where the drilling fluids might flow down to the mud tank.

shale shaker
What benefit this particular design would brought to the actual operator
1 . Preinstalled shakers on the frame greatly conserve the time for assembling as well as disassembling, not bolt is drilling to be lost during the procedure of numerous times installation.
2 . Textbox sized frame with textbox fixing point at all eight corners of the bottom skid and top beam. This particular frame could be put upon the flat bed movie trailer for easy transportation.
three. The horizontal and up and down beams and legs might be used as support associated with rain cloth to cover beyond the frame for bed weather conditions.
Actually, not only shale shakers could be pre-installed in this kind framework, the decanter centrifuge unit can also be put in this. On the frame, there will be adequate room for wire cables lounging.
Framework is simple but it might bring convenience to providers. Besides this type frame, GN could also provide telescopic skid frame used to put decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer on that with regard to waste cuttings management software. That type frame is actually little complex, however , it might make the equipment a do it yourself package to meet customers’ specifications better.