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How GN Solids Control equipment will save u money
How GN Solids Control equipment will save u money

From early 2015 till now, the primitive oil price is like the journey, falling dramatically and then way up a little bit then down all over again. It’s testing everybody’s cardiovascular system durability. Recently the necessary oil price seems a little bit firm than before. The West Mississippi Intermediate oil price range between $45 to 50 bucks. Well, this seem a lot better than the price earlier this year which will dropped below $30. But it really still far below the price tag for the oil company could make money. Everybody is having difficulties, nobody wants to give up and when we can’t make money, we should instead try all of our best to learn how to save money. GN Solids Control, as the leading company within the solid control business, can help you save funds and survive in the hard time.

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As an important area of the mud mixing system, strong control system plays important role in the whole process. When managed well, the strong control system can save you lots of money in terms of the mud cost, often the consumables, and equipment inventory cost. GN’s equipment coming from shale shaker , desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge , to mud agitator, shear pump , mud gun and various regarding mud tanks, are all cost efficient and good value for money. There are various advantages GN can reduce the gear price. Now GN offers realized the large scale production for the equipment and consumables like screens. This can help lowering the procurement cost, work cost and be more efficient. In the event the quantity is large, this will likely also reduce the transportation expense. All GN’s equipment are usually skid mounted and easy with regard to transportation, this will save many handling fee. Recently the united states dollar to Chinese RMB exchange has increased, this will stumble through equipment price more cut-throat. And GN’s No . only two new facility has been in to operation, mainly used for making the shaker screens, this can increase GN’s manufacturing ability, good quality control and shipping and delivery time control. It will ultimately reduce the cost a lot and get many more benefits to clients.
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