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High-speed precision-balanced centrifuge
High-speed precision-balanced centrifuge

GN offers a variety of large-scale offshore drilling equipment. Among them, the Gnsolidsamerica Compact GN-50 CENTRIFUGE is really a higher-speed, precision-balanced rotating stainless bowl. Just one-lead spiral-screw conveyor within the bowl rotates within the similar path since the bowl, but in a reduced Revolutions per minute.

Feed slurry makes its way into by way of a hollow axle in the narrow finish and it is distributed for that bowl. Centrifugal pressure up to 379 Revolutions per minute supports the slurry from the bowl wall inside a ? Trapped silt and sand-sized contaminants settle and spread from the bowl wall wherever they are communicated for the solids underflow discharge ports through the tungsten-carbide-expected scroll plane tickets round the desander. Silt and sand contaminants exit moist, however with no totally free liquid. The washed fluid is released through weirs that regulate the swimming pool depth.

Features and Rewards

 Supplies precise treatments for the separation tactic to accommodate versions in solids loading and material dimensions might be controlled to create cleaner effluent

High-volume processing

Adjustable speeds on bowl, scroll and pump

Automatic PLC monitoring and adjustment makes up for varied drilling conditions, though lowering operator participation and energy

Enables drilling at high ROP

Runs effectively at greater speeds for prolonged periods

Rugged building and corrosion-resistant components deliver extended service existence and occasional upkeep costs within the most difficult oilfield conditions

Protection against failure at greater speeds

Reduces solids packoff

Works effectively along with other Gnsolidsamerica equipment to maximise solids control.