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Drilling Cuttings Vertical Cuttings Dryer Sailing
Drilling Cuttings Vertical Cuttings Dryer Sailing

In the recent years, ever after GN firstly designed and manufactured the first set of vertical cuttings dryer and used it into the complete drilling cuttings waste management systems together with the high speed decanter centrifuges, the vertical cuttings dryer had become one of the most popular products for the Russian companies.

Now another set of complete waste management system is sailing to Russia, it is the 9th Waste Management System besides the individual Vertical cuttings dryers.

What included in this set of waste management system?

1. one set of vertical cuttings dryer located in a containerized cabinet for warmth in the extremely cold winter climate.

2. two sets of decanter centrifuges, respectively fixed speed an VFD controlled, they are located on the solids control tank, used for treat the drilling cuttings from the solids control system and from vertical cuttings dryer.

3. three sets of screw conveyors, two of them are used for feeding the vertical cuttings dryer while one of them is used for feeding the vertical cuttings dryer, while the third one is used for receiving the dried cuttings discharged from the vertical cuttings dryer.

Modular Drilling Waste Management

What are the benefits of GN waste management systems?

1. GN has 2 options of waste management systems, one is combined by high G drying shaker and decanter centrifuge, the other is combined by the vertical cuttings dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge. Normally, the high G shaker combination is only suitable for the WBM and vertical cuttings dryer is suitable for the OBM. But GN’s is an exception, because GN vertical cuttings dryer is also suitable for OBM.

2. GNDC series drilling cuttings waste management systems are widely used in many counties in the world, including the European countries, America, South America, Africa, Middle East and etc. GN systems are proved to be suitable for both extremely hot places and extremely cold places.

3. GN has self designed positive pressurized control panel, enables its electric control system to work in the extreme climates. Also, because GN makes and designs this by itself, the price is not as high as if outsourcing.

Such systems from GN now are used by worldwide giant companies like Scomi, Baker Hudges, and etc.