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Dewatering Unit Automatic Polymer Mixing Tank
Dewatering Unit Automatic Polymer Mixing Tank

The drilling solids control engineer may know that after several time reusing and recycling, there would be much ultra fine solid particles accumulated in the drilling fluids leading overweight of the drilling fluids, so the performance of the drilling fluids would be reduced badly. The primary solids control equipment is not able to separate out the fine solids even a decanter centrifuge unit with speed up to 3000RPM.

What should we do to remove the ultra fine solids and re-configurate the specific gravity of the drilling fluids? Nowadays, we know the flocculation is a widely accepted method to solve this problem.

GN Solids Control has developed a dewatering unit especially for removing the ultra fine solids in slurry, not only for drilling fluids. For some brine, it is also applicable. GN’s dewatering unit could be seen as a assembling of several modular packages.

The centrifuge is main equipment for solid and liquid separation; it could be used in normal solids control and also drilling waste cutting management. This unit is also the last processing unit in the dewatering unit system.

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While, here what will be talked would be the polymer mixing unit in GN’s dewatering unit. GN has a standard design for this polymer mixing unit which is installed in a 20 ft container. Always it includes 2 parts: Automatic Powder Polymer Mixing System and Coagulant Mixing Tank. This 2 parts functions same just one is only for powder mixing, while the other could mix both powder and liquid chemicals.

The automatic powder mixing tank is designed with 3 compartments: mixing, maturing and storage, with stainless steel agitator in each compartment. The powder chemical could be transferred through hose screw conveyor to the hopper under the control an automatic dosing device. Under normal pressure and liquid level, this system could work continuously. The coagulant mixing tank is fed chemicals manually as per the mixing ratio. The mixed chemicals in both two mixing devices finally will be transferred via diaphragm dosing pump to centrifuge inlet for mix with the drilling fluids. 

The mixed slurry will produce flocculated blocks could be easily separated by a centrifuge unit. The effluence from centrifuge could be reused or for further treatment. 

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