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Decanter centrifuge's user caution
Decanter centrifuge's user caution

GN Solids Control Decanter centrifuge is purpose use separate fine solids from the mud and it can achieve separate 2~5 micron of solids if operate it correctly. 

The treating mud efficiency of decanter centrifuge is by feeding rate of mud and it need to consider solids phase that contain in the mud.  The low ratio of solids in the mud, the feeding rate of decanter centrifuge is limited by liquid discharge capacity.  The high ratio of solids the mud, the feeding rate of decanter centrifuge is limited by flush off ability. The diluents and drilling fluid all should be weighing, in order to the drilling fluid has the proper viscosity, obtain the good separation effect.

decanter centrifuge

Drum speed determination need to be operate by qualify operator seeking best separation effect and prevent the over-load of mud that might damage gears
Before start the centrifuge, because the fluid, solid phase particles in the machine can’t be exhausted all and sink to one side, when start unbalanced quality will cause vibrate or the spiral impeller is locked. In this matter that happens, the operator needs to address this matter in great attention.
Before start the decanter centrifuge, operator need using hands to spin the drum to ensure it can rotate freely.
Before start centrifuge, we should open the injection pump or injection the diluents.
If the abnormal noise and/or vibration happen during first start the decanter centrifuge, turn off machine immediately and seek the source of problems
the centrifuge cannot be feed liquid excessively and need, avoiding the condition of clog up the feeding pipe.
The aggravated high viscosity drilling fluid need the low feeding speed and the high dilute speed.
When shutting down, we should cut off the injected drilling fluid, and then stop dilution, and then turned off the decanter centrifuge. Any questions pl contact GN for decanter centrifuge and any other equipment , shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, shear pump, drilling mud system, mud mixing system, drilling waste management equipment, etc.