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2 Units Big Bowl Centrifuge for Australia clients
2 Units Big Bowl Centrifuge for Australia clients

In oil marketplace, decanter centrifuge is trusted equipment for drilling mud recycling and waste slurry separation. The centrifuge using bowl diameter larger than of sixteen inch is always called while big bowl. Comparing with all the small bowl centrifuge of 13 inch, the big bowl possesses larger capacity. When it comes to GN solids control, the big dish is with 22 inch serving diameter, model GNLW553C-VFD.
Popular features of GN Big Bowl Centrifuge
GN’s big bowl stuff is using duplex stainless steel involving 2205, processed by centrifugal casting to ensure the better serving balance. Also this material possesses a better performance on corrosion-resistance.
The particular protection of the screw propeller is tungsten carbide flooring to enhance the anti-wear functions. Long lifetime saves the price tag for repairing and maintenance.
GN’s big bowl is equipped with VFD control panel to achieve stepless speed change for different performing requirements.
GN’s centrifuge, despite big bowl or normal size bowl, is driven by a couple of motors. This 22 " big bowl is influenced by a 120 HP major motor and a 50HP backside motor. Via the planetary gearbox, the back motor could possibly drive the screw propeller to rotate same course as the bowl but various speed, so that the solids could possibly be pushed out from the inside the jar.
Application of GN Big Jar Centrifuge

2015.12.11 GN centrifuge
GN’s big pan centrifuge could be used in major solids control system intended for barite recovery. When it try this job, it always extends at a low speed, hence slurry would be fed inside big bowl at bigger flow rate. Running on high speed of 2500 rpm, it could produce G push nearly 2000. It could be employed as find solids separating equipment.
Besides, GN solids control has already successfully delivered this big bowl straight into dewatering system which is used to get rid of the accumulated ultra discover solids in the drilling mud after several times recycling. In a of GN’s dewatering system to a Southeast Asia buyer, this big bowl is actually adopted as a separator intended for fine solids and normal water. Including the flocculation agent mud mixing system, this dewatering system is designed to be packed in a marijuana for easy transportation in addition to indoor operation.

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